Mojo is an illuminating story of self discovery.


An Animated Series



As a 12 yr old Interdimensional Spirit Warrior



Mojo is the only 12 year old boy in his village deep in the rainforest. All he wants to do is play video games and rock out, but his journey to save the jungle takes him on an interdimensional adventure that he never expected. His rambunctious but honest nature propels him towards life changing adventures. He has the special ability to communicate directly with the world around him. Each world has a distinct personality, i.e. The Jungle is a character, the city is a character, etc. Jungle is tricky, city is snarky.


As Mojo goes through his adventures he meets many teachers and guides. Accomplishing their quests gains him treasures and new abilities that arm him mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

01. Hawk Visage

The Hawk Visage grants Mojo clarity of vision allowing him to see further, both in the distance and the future.

02. Serpent Breastplate

The Serpents Breastplate teaches Mojo to walk belly to belly with the earth. The connection to his environment allows him to read the world around him like a master tracker.

03. Hummingbird Tasset

The Hummingbirds quest teaches Mojo to follow his heart. The tasset protects Mojos center as he gains new levels of flow.

04. Jaguar Treads

These boots teach Mojo a vauluable lesson, when to move and when to be still. Physically, they give him better movement speed and agility.



What is more fun than finding treasure?




“Mojo, you must find the Heart of the Jungle.”

The village elder  |  wizard


Mojos Tribe

Mojo lives deep in the rainforest, in a village with his aunt and uncle. His aunt Aya is a little kooky and speaks in riddles, but boy is she a great chef. His uncle Jag is a tough nut to crack, a stoic hunter with a serious yet calm demeanor. The village elder is a She-Wizard with amazing magical abilities, and is his only other friend. The rest of the villagers do not care for Mojo and his wreckless ways.




The story so far

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