Mojo is designed to be an episodic franchise.

Mojo Title.png

Hunter Culberson  |  2018



    A beautiful amazon rainforest brimming with life. A few hundred years have led to some interesting adaptions to the flora and fauna. The camera moves through the trees, the ground, and into the water - each flowering with life. An electric eel buzzes until hands plunge into the water. Mojo, 12 yr old jungle native with a rock and roll t-shirt and a chipped front tooth, sprints through the leaves, getting electrocuted. He wrecks the village as he runs through to his room where he plops the eel into an aquarium which is rigged with tape and wires to a screen and some old gear. A found xbox powers on. He celebrates alone and when it asks him to add his friends there is a solemn pause.

    The silence is broken when a vine grabs the remote away from him - when he reaches for it he is grabbed by the vines and led to the village elder, ancient with a childlike demeanor- swathed in vines, flowers and animals, she tells him that the world is in trouble and that Mojo must find the Heart of the Jungle to save the planet. She also shares with Mojo the ability to communicate with the environment. She instructs him to gather his things and start his journey.

    Mojo gets back to his room he wants to be a normal kid who plays games. He goes for the controller but the vines stop his attempts, so he heads out with his talkman and a machete. He walks and walks, interacting with the tricky Jungle. Days go by, he sleeps, catches food, makes camps and talks and talks to the jungle. They get into an argument and the Jungle pushes him into a river which turns into a waterfall. When he washes ashore he finds an overgrown temple and climbs up the wall. He sees rows and rows of plants he’s never seen before with drones doing harvesting. He jumps into the trees, astounded by the evidence of another world. He leaps onto a load of fruit and takes a bite, he and the jungle watch each other gain distance as he flies on the cargo into the horizon. 

    The earth around the city is lifeless and harsh- but under the domes there is blue light and the signs of a technological empire. He finds out that the people in the city don’t want anything to do with him. He gets chased by security drones and climbs to escape, where he finds out he can talk to the city via the AI/technology (cheeky and unemotional) Mojo calls him AL. Mojo is lonely, and stuck. Living in a crevice is not what Mojo had in mind. A girl, Telean, 15, (kind and cool but prefers alone time with her plants) is arguing with her father and runs away in tears from a very expensive car. Mojo sees and follows her deep into the city. Into the underground transports. She notices him following and they meet. Her father is on the council of high Templar who manage the human civilization and they got into a fight over her choice not to integrate the ai into her biology so she decided to run away.

    The transport speeds along rails through massive underground caverns. Security droids bust in looking for Telean. They fight a few off, working well together. They make their way to the top of the team and as a tunnel approaches they are between a rock and the abyss and are forced to jump. They fall for a long time and eventually land on a squishy soft surface which begins to move in the darkness. They find each other and hold on for the ride, which opens up to be a unique geothermal world filled with bioluminescent life and symbiotic relationships. 

    Back in the city Teleans parents are searching. The cities cameras pull up images of Mojo, but he is not on the system. Al doesn’t spill the beans on Mojo, because they aren’t asking the right questions. Drones and robot sentries find the place he was camped out  and find a piece of fruit from the agriculture site. The council is shocked that there are people of unknown origin still alive on the planet and order the bots to track down and apprehend the remaining indigenous.

    Telean and Mojo are exploring. Finding themselves through their interactions with each other. Two people who wanted desperately to be somewhere else, who were isolated in their own worlds, are discovering a new world together. They meet crystal people there, their energies in tune with the earths. They go on adventures, discovering artifacts and spirit guides as they try to find their way back to the Earths surface. The first teacher they meet is a magical jaguar named Sampson, (like a cunning jester) who teaches them to feel when to move and when to be still. He tags along with them. They have many adventures and learn ancient universal lessons: the holographic geometric hummingbird teaches them to follow their heart, the great serpent to walk belly to belly with the earth, and the 6 winged hawk spirit made of flames teaches them to trust their vision. Mojo and Telean are discovering themselves and acquiring greater power, which allows them to find more and more dangerous artifacts on their way, but still no heart of the Jungle. Sampson explains that the artifacts they have accrued were keeping the earths energies in a balance and that by gathering them they have awoken a dark force on the planet.

    The wind whips on the Earths surface. The council and Teleans father speak on the storm thats brewing, the ‘old world’ humans that they have collected from Mojos home, and the fact that his daughter and her capturer are still at large.

    Mojo, Telean and Sampson get to the empty village. Sampson disappears and Mojo runs around checking huts, screaming names. Telean warns him to be quiet - that something doesn’t feel right. Mojo cant help himself and he continues to search frantically. Several security drones close in on Mojo. He destroys a few with his new skills but eventually is overwhelmed. Telean hides with tears in her eyes as Mojo is captured and flown to the city.

    Mojo is taken in for questioning. He is stripped of his artifacts and thrown in with the tribe. It is not a happy reunion, they hold him accountable. Meanwhile Sampson and Telean have made it to the outskirts of the city. She turns herself in to the sentries and is quickly apprehended. The village elder is put on the examination table, but she uses her magic to fry the technology around her, this is all the strength she has, and her spirit leaves her body. Mojos spirit is sucked out of his body by the power of the event and they meet in the spirit world. Telean is being lead towards the high council. Mojo, filled with rage and sadness, powers up and destroys the lab. The explosion blasts the droids escorting Telean and simultaneously Sampson reappears and takes out the other security bots heading around the corner. They jump on his back and escape to a rooftop to regroup. The council orders the villagers to be imprisoned and interrogated further. Security and searching has reached new levels in the city. The world outside the bubble of the city is raging. A storm of immeasurable proportions is ominously looming, a monster of Mojos creation.

    Mojo and Telean decide that the only way they will be able to escape is to shut down the AI that runs the city. They stealthily battle their way to the high council temple, recovering the artifacts that have been taken from them. The three battle heroically. Finally they are in front of the main power source - a tunnel of energy and data. Mojo is torn - the storm is approaching, the council templar are closing in, the villagers are imprisoned, Mojo wonders if he destroys the city would it bring balance to the world and calm the storm that approaches. All of the lessons he has learned come into play. The elders voice pleads with him to find the heart of the jungle. Mojo turns deep within himself. He flies into the spirit world. Sampson turns into a dragon and they ride into the storm, a powerful infinite being made of the environment - infinite unfolding faces and arms,  it looks like Mojo. Mojo is armed with incredible spirit energy, ready to battle the monster. The monster is peeling open its chest and lava is pouring out of an eyeball in its center. Sampson flies powerfully into this eyes center. And within it is calm - a speck of golden white light in the void. The same speck of light shines within Mojos heart center. Mojo approaches the light with weapon drawn - and as he moves closer the weapon falls away and Mojo embraces the being with love. He understands that the heart of the jungle has been his heart, his ability to approach the inner and outer worlds with compassion and love. This happens and Mojo travels through light and space back to his body and the heat of the moment. Where he decides that the best course of action is to trust in the process of the storm, allow the earths rage to manifest and run its natural course. Telean and Sampson gather her family, Al helps Mojo gather the villagers and they fly into the chasm that leads to the geothermal world as the storm destroys the technological empire. They narrowly escape the caving architecture. The storm ravages the earth above and the crystal people welcome the refugees with glowing, open hearts as if they knew they would be coming.

    Time passes and Mojo has become a great leader. A slightly larger group than that which escaped makes their way to the Earths surface. A new level of harmony pervades the planet and the camera pulls out infinitely out of Mojos center and outward to infinity and through Mojos center and outward through the universe and again until the screen is all bright white light.