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Hunter grew up in the coastal southeast where his imagination was ignited and nurtured by the surrounding nature. After co-founding and selling an Eco-Friendly Coral marketplace in Charleston SC, Hunter moved to Venice beach in 2012. His new surroundings opened his eyes to creative possibilities and He found himself designing and producing consciously made clothing. This business became the portfolio used to enroll at Otis College of Art and Design, where his interdisciplinary artistry was crafted with a degree in Digital Media and Concept Art. While in school he worked as a Creative Director, visual development, and story artist for film, he founded the Otis Surf Association and was a winner of the Otis 100% Centennial Video campaign. Now Hunter is painting murals throughout Los Angeles, developing a personal IP, designing, and producing video and photography. No matter what the task, Hunters commitment to vision and connection to the world around imbibe his work with tangible ability to inspire passion and curiosity within the viewer.



Hunter Culberson